Friday, June 16, 2017

My June Veggie Garden

With the purchase of a tiller I put it to work. I tilled 3 times and added farm compost to the rocky soil.

Very easy Dahlias.

Mammoth sunflower for the bees and birds.

This I am proud of making myself. A composter out of old feed tubs. Using scraps and a drill I made this. It is full of weeds, kitchen scraps, paper and the like. It is right next to where I need it, the garden. I think I will make a 2nd one for the horse veggie garden.

Pumpkins and rubber snakes

Green beans and Zucchini.


My lettuce is covered to save on sun and water. Lettuce does not like heat and hot sun.
This is one of three mixed lettuce beds.

More bush green beans

beans and tomatoes

my cabbage patch

cedar chips to keep away the moths.

Dill grown from seed for my first time. Very pleased!

more green beans

my red dahlias.

Thyme came with the house.

Cotton keeping watch

My first veggie harvest, sugar peas