Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Day After

For Christmas Eve and Christmas Day we have been a bit busy with church and visiting friends. So busy we forgot to get our propane tank filled for the house and it is very low. So it will be a challenging week for showers. I do not mind cold showers, but my husband cannot deal with that. Plus washing dishes in cold water not fun, but do-able. The biggest problem will be not using the stove/oven. We will have to cook outside on our smoker/BBQ. It can be done, hubby just not to happy about that. So it is going to be an interesting week.
One of my sweet Americana roosters, is used to being held.

Dog statues trying to catch a very smart squirrel.

My dogs never catch this guy. They have run over him and each other, to no avail he always escapes.

My ducklings new home.

This is a friends chicken coop and will be home for the 6 ducklings to grow up in. They will have the company of some hens and a bantam rooster. We went to their farm for Christmas dinner. They have built so many things themselves. It was amazing to see how other people get things accomplished. The night was filled a with ping pong contest with 4 players. It could have gone on all night but the ball was eventually lost behind some boxes. We finally got home at 10 pm. It was a wonderful but busy 2 days.

Snow Chickens

These are from a a few weeks ago when we had a lot of snow.

This is a Silver Phoenix rooster I was given. He is elegant and feral. But the ice finally drove him into our coop. Now he has 2 hens and is one of the flock. His tail gets about 3 feet long. He is a survivor.