Saturday, November 5, 2011

Peachy Morning

We were given some over ripe peaches from the local food pantry for our chickens. Our horses got their first taste of peaches. Luna always gets first taste and eats anything no matter what.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Chemtrails of Death

Today I am pissed. We are going to get rain on Thursday out here in the Missouri Ozarks. And guess what I see over my head on Wednesday all afternoon long? Chemtrails from at least 20 planes all day long dumping chemicals into the air so thick it is falling out of the sky. Do I live in a big city? Near an airport or base? NO! I live in the boonies. So I look up plane traffic in my zip code and guess what? Only 1 plane is listed to be flying in my airspace today and it is a grounded Russian bomber. The planes that do pop up are using bogus retired numbers of grounded planes no longer in service. The air is so thick right now with aluminum I can taste it. My normally clear skies are like pea soup with chemical high up in the air. I have a severe headache but I still got photos of the deliberate dumping of chemicals into my airspace.

I always thought those contrail/chemtrail people were just nature nuts/wackos until I woke up, looked up and learned. Just by watching, looking up flight info and taking photos I have found they are right. Now, I understand why Monsanto is making seed for aluminum resistant plant/crops. Because they sure are not good at making viable GMO plants. Some powers that be are flying planes over my state of Missouri with false flight numbers and is dumping chemicals into my airspace. And when it rains tonight those chemicals fall into the soil and water supply. And you wonder why small children are dying of Alzheimer and rare cancers.
Big Brother is making a mess of our natural world and our future and now I am one of those who sees the writing in the sky.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Moving Iron

Our neighbor bought a cast iron wood stove for his addition. He finished grouting the hearth today and needed to get his stove in place. After moving it into his house with his backhoe at the backdoor; he needed more hands to get the stove moved into the room and onto the hearth. After putting on the legs he glided the 400lb stove using plastic carpet gliders by himself. We lifted the stove into position and got it placed quickly. Now he needs to put all the doors and fittings and he will be good to go for house heat this winter.

Sunday, October 30, 2011


All dressed up as a ghost pirate heading out to the haunted mill for spooking.
Happy Halloween!

Swing Low

I have bad memories of swings. Most have met their demise by me or a moth sitting in them. The swings of the past and I have hit the earth never to swing again. So when my husband won a handmade wooden swing for a charity auction, I was pleased it was stored away in the garage. However, it was given a new life outside under our deck. I told our contractor it must be fitted to hold a horse on that swing. And Jeff did just that. He custom welded metal plates under the deck supports and used thick threaded stock to hold the swing chains. Now the only thing to give way will be just the chain and not the swing nor its supports. It is safe for large 2 adults, 1 shepherd dog and 1 barn cat on a quilt. And a horse, too. Now we can all sit on the swing and watch the deer run by in the meadow. Jeff got to try out his handiwork and be the first to swing.