Friday, November 25, 2011

Peas Please

We brought my car in for repairs this week and got to meet the mascot of the auto shop.
They have a tortoise that runs around the shop office and has his own lamp and heated rock. He comes when called and only eats peas. This small guy has been their pet for years. And he gets walks outside on a leash too.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Rules of Occupy Wall Street

Here are the rules and guidelines for the police against the Occupy Wall Street protesters; as given by the corporate machine. You can also find the same rules used by the Nazi or the Kent State National Guard; see your history book app.
Just remember, those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Rule 1. Tell the riot police the protesters are just spoiled bored rich kids, that will make the pepper spraying more "just". Having laptops proves this!

Rule 2. Use the Def- Tec MK-9 pepper spray by BAE Systems at 3' instead of the 13' recommended by the United Nations. Will be sure to keep those grannies & grizzlies down.

Rule 3. Send out your most corrupt cops from the district, they hate people anyway and this gets out their aggression - cheaper than therapy.

Rule 4. After the protesters are blind and unconscious from the spraying, round them all up at a homeless shelter; proceed with more spraying of civilians. Getting a reporter is worth double donuts back at the station. Throw away their press passes and cameras.

Rule 5. Put everyone on bus or available nearby truck for 6-8 hours, go home for the day.

Rule 6. Send the people to the most corrupt in the pocket judge you have. So many choices so little time, bring more donuts for the judges.

Rule 7. Take all the personal items collected from the protesters. Damage all electronics, keep the cash,break the tent and bikes and sell the rest. See your Nazi guidelines for this. Throw their stuff into big piles under a bridge; they are rich can get new stuff for the next protest.

Yes, this is a satirical play on the cold facts of what is happening to our American citizens on our home soil. Right now our legal system and our police are hurting Americans and taking away our rights to stand up against tyranny of Corporate Owned American Government and banks. Right now we are not getting due process and we are being silenced and beaten. Veterans, reporters, soldiers, grandparents, students, parents, are all being, hurt, robbed and degraded on TV and the newspapers everyday.

So this Thanksgiving when we gather around the table beaten and broken lets give thanks to our police, judges, CEO's, banks and government all for taking away our right to protest.
Lets all give thanks for the American way of life. Lets all stick our heads up the turkey and pass the pepper spray.