Friday, January 31, 2014


When I was younger I wanted to be with dolphins and go to a park to see them perform. I was taken to one, but was too young to remember it. I lived in Maine and got to see wild orca in the ocean up close on a small boat. I was happy the orca did not turn over the boat and left us alone. I was awestruck how huge they were.I grew up, moved away from water and forgot about them. Until I saw this movie, Blackfish. I truly thought aquatic parks had closed up and gone out of business. I had no idea these places were so popular. What the masses do not comprehend is that these animals are smart and wild born. They do not belong in a cement tank working for fish. This movie is about what happens to the naive trainers when they work with these huge smart animals. It is just sad human greed and ignorance keeps these places running for our vulgar entertainment. And that baby orca and dolphins are removed from their parents in the wild and in captivity, breaking the hearts of their mothers. The harvesting of these aquatic mammals is big business for Japan (The Cove, a movie) and other nations willing to sell out their natural resources. It is all about money and greed.
I hope one day we wake up and turn away from this form of animal cruelty as entertainment.

Tanks for the Memories

This morning my husband took a nap after pulling an all nighter for a work deadline.The house was quiet as I got chores done. But a rumble sounded and a truck arrived with a trailer to haul away our old propane gas tank. Our tank had leaked out and was no longer usable. So our gas company came to remove it at our request. We had a 100 gallon temporary tank leaning on the old tank The man took notice of it but hit it anyway. He was reckless and almost severed our gas line to the house. I stood back and watched. My two dogs did the same. There was a lot of tugging and tanks clanging and digging bar was used. The driver was at least kind enough to set some new footers and told us how to t-post in our small tank. So much fun to set post in the frozen ground.
Then it took another 30 minutes for him to get the tank on the lifter. I was happy the blue tank was gone and no ruts in the yard. Now we have to find a new or used 500 gallon propane tank that does not leak. Propane prices are high right now and tanks are hard to find. But we do not need propane for heat, only cooking and drying. And by owning our own tank, we can paint it anyway we want. The tracks are from my barn cat on the frozen cement.

February Chicks

Like clockwork my English Game hen gets broody and hatches out by Valentines day. This year she is early. She hatched out 2 chicks last week and has 6 more eggs to hatching out tonight. Whitey was given to us and she has been the best broody hen we have. However, all her chicks have to be brought in from the cold coop and raised indoors. This is her third year of February hatching. I hope this means spring might come early this year.