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Not So Merry

For the last 2 weeks I have been a great deal of pain. A year after my hysterectomy I suddenly had menstrual pain and bleeding. But I had farm chores and people to help, so I avoided the issue. But I was snippy and on edge and my husband noticed. I informed him of all the pain. So off to see my doctor. She was very concerned, put me on heavy antibiotics and referred me to an OB 2 hours away. We got up at 5 in the morning after farm chores were done to get to the OB.Good news was, I was not bleeding to death. It was scar tissue inside (called granulation) that was irritated and needed to be removed in the office. Bad news it was going to hurt, a lot. They insert silver nitrate stick on the dime size scar tissue area to burn it off . I had severe cramping during this procedure and tried to take my husbands arm off. Not everyone has this much pain. And I have to have it done two more times, oh joy! Tis the season for pain and bleeding. I walked it off and took some ibuprofen. My husband…