Thursday, December 12, 2013

Not So Merry

For the last 2 weeks I have been a great deal of pain. A year after my hysterectomy I suddenly had menstrual pain and bleeding. But I had farm chores and people to help, so I avoided the issue. But I was snippy and on edge and my husband noticed. I informed him of all the pain. So off to see my doctor. She was very concerned, put me on heavy antibiotics and referred me to an OB 2 hours away. We got up at 5 in the morning after farm chores were done to get to the OB.Good news was, I was not bleeding to death. It was scar tissue inside (called granulation) that was irritated and needed to be removed in the office. Bad news it was going to hurt, a lot. They insert silver nitrate stick on the dime size scar tissue area to burn it off . I had severe cramping during this procedure and tried to take my husbands arm off. Not everyone has this much pain. And I have to have it done two more times, oh joy! Tis the season for pain and bleeding. I walked it off and took some ibuprofen. My husband was kind enough to do all the icy and snowy driving. 
When we got almost home at dusk we saw a neighbors truck in the middle of an icy patch of farm road. We could not get him unstuck off the embankment so we drove to another neighbor to find help. Sure enough the truck bumper was stuck on top of a tree stump. The truck was dislodged and everyone got to go home safe.  I came home and put up poultry and fed animals.Very busy day. Looking forward to taking it easier for a while.