Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ain't She Grand

This is my newest musical instrument to learn. I have always wanted to play piano again. So last week my husband and I went to an auction and this upright went for the right price and free delivery. I am it's 3rd owner and it's very good condition for its age. It has a wonderful sound. 

It used to have a player piano in it, but those parts were removed at some point of its life.

It weighs a ton. It took 4 people and several furniture gliders just to get it in the doorway and off the trailer. Now it sits waiting for its place in our house. And it has a wonderful sound for its age. Looking forward to learning all about the piano.

Fall Me Down

Poppy and Snots relax in the music room with the wood stove going. 
Nothing beats a wool rug with a wood fire burning in a wet cool fall day.

Fall 2013 in the Ozarks

Sugar maple in all its glory.

Silver maples turn to gold.

Ornamental grass and fall trees by our house.

Still green by the pond.

Sumac is in the red.

Zilla grows Up

Zilla and Alan get on with the deep doggie petting Zilla so enjoys. Zilla is almost 2 years old now. She will reach her full size at 3 years. We hope she gets as big as her parents are. Zilla gets about 6 cups a food a day plus the additional protein from the local abattoir. And all the skunks and armadillos she catches.

Zilla finally grew into those big ears she had as a pup.

My what big teeth you have!

Standard Shepherd, Osa on the left and then Zilla, the super sized Shepherd on the right. Both dogs love the free range pettings from Alan.