Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mom and Dad and chick makes a family

I took photos of my breeding rooster and our first broody hen. He fathered these chicks and we hope to get another like him. He is fighting cock/Americana mix and the hen is an old English game hen. Both are alert to the flock and very protective birds to have on the farm.

Snow Fowl

These are our October chicks all grown up. Having their first taste of real cold and deep snow in the Ozarks.

Mr. Bean

Here is our colt,Bean stopping by for some attention. He is still small for his age of 7 months, pony sized. But he is a sweet boy.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Sunny Sleeping Monday

Here is our herd taking a sun nap where the round bale used to be. Nothing like taking it easy on a Monday.

Little One

Here is a chick we though would not make it. However, after 2 hours of warming up by the wood stove he came back alive. He was put outside again to join with his hen and siblings. All are doing well in the warm up of spring.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Firewood Saturday

A friend of ours called me Saturday morning to ask if we wanted to chop firewood. We can always use more firewood. So we loaded up our chainsaw, gas and gloves and headed to her house. Her son and brother were there to take us out into their woods to cut up some dry down trees. They also had a tractor with a splitter on it to split the wood up. We got a whole truck bed loaded and delivered to our house. Now our wood holder is full! We are all set if we have another cold snap.We had a lot of fun and learned a lot more about chainsaws. It is always best to have others with you in case of an accident.