Saturday, August 27, 2016

Roast Toast

After visiting his sister in Louisiana, my husband got the recipe on how to cook a beef roast. I had no clue. Then began the search for the holy grail, a roast. The ones in Mt View were small and old. So off to Zimmerman's in S'ville, they do not have them as people prefer steak cuts to roast. Then talked to a friend who suggested I buy half a cow and an extra freezer. But then she recommended Kollers.Then off to Kollers where the butcher put this Eye of Round together for me. Misson accomplished. My husband made this awsome roast beef. He put in cloves of garlic. After a long while at a low temp it was done. It turned out great and we have enough for days.

Cotton Pickin' Kitten

Here is the last foster kitten out of 9. We decided to keep her after giving away all the others. She was not my first choice but she grows on you. She is naturally floppy and rolls on her back when picked up. She is very soft and people crazy. We named her Cotton for her super soft coat.We think she might have some Ragdoll in her family tree. She is also, like her littermates, fearless of the other cats and the dogs.