Saturday, May 22, 2010


Here is a closeup of a plaid corduroy backing and binding I made for a client. I have never had the challenge of plaid and corduroy at the same time. Cotton corduroy is stiff but handles well for binding. I used a heavy quilting thread to hand stitch the binding. It will last a very long time.

Whistle While you Peep

Our chicks are now 3 weeks old. They have almost all their adult feathers. They have 3 more weeks until they can go outside. My husband is whistling to them to calm them down. They are stronger and more agitated with the brooder confinement. They respond to our voices and sounds. We have also handled them to get used to us. They will be joining our adult chickens in the next month outside.


This is Roy a good friend who works hard to keep our small town, Summersville, special. He restored this tractor and uses it any chance he gets. He is an authentic cowboy and gifted gardener. I am truly blessed to have him as a friend.

Friday Log Cabin

Yes, this Friday was a busy one for us. Our contractors took advantage of the nice clear rain free day to get more done on our house. Mark handed me a nest full of 3 baby flycatchers that were on the side of our house. After calls and Internet look ups, I put the nest in a gourd and hung it near a feeder away from all the construction. After 5 hours the baby birds peeped loudly and the parents found them. They have been feeding the baby birds happily since the move to a new safe home. Later in the day a 4th baby bird was found an put into the new gourd nest. All are doing well in spite of our bumbling interference with nature. A new home for us and our feathered friends.
I did learn that wild birds do not thrive if raised by humans. Best to place a baby bird in a temporary nest where the parents can find and feed them. The nest can be anything that holds the baby bird with straw or shavings up away from weather and predators, like my cats. Then watch and listen for the peeps. Parent birds will work hard to locate their babies from the sounds they make. I had no desire to hand feed 4 wild chicks every 2 hours for the next four weeks. I am so glad the bird parents are doing all the work.

Snakey Friday

This black snake with a yellow belly and spots showed up under my roses. He coiled up and shook his tail like a rattler. But he lacked a rattle. He looked harmless and went on his way into the tall grass.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Log House

Our contractor and his crew are working hard on this dry Monday. After a week of dodging rain and winds, we finally have great cool weather. They are quickly getting logs on all 4 sides of our house. Amazing how fast they can get up in the air to work with splintery logs. We had planned to add fake rock to the bottom half of our house. But that will have to wait.

Parent Chickens

My green tailed rooster is a mix of game bird and Americana chickens. He has grey legs and a long green tail. He was given to me be a neighbor who had too many roosters. The bottom photo is the parent pair. They look so bland compared to their offspring. I guess that is how it goes in chicken land.