Saturday, December 29, 2012

Little Friday Blizzard

We were supposed to get some ice and a slight chance of flurries. The Ozarks got 
almost 5 inches of the white stuff.

Putting up the poultry in the snow along with Zilla in tow.

As the sun sets our world is covered in white flocking.

Finally, the tiny LED tree looks full dressed in snow. It is so bright you can see it from space.

Osa thinking about running in the snow.

My husband posing in the thickening snow and ice.

Snowy Cardinal

We feed black oil sunflower seeds in the winter. All the wild birds come and empty the feeders daily.

So pretty in the snow.

Christmas Ducklings

I did not have hope for a broody duck in winter to have a viable hatch. Well, she did and we got 5 ducklings freezing on the coop floor. I put then inside my brooder box and 4 survived. I needed to clean the brooder box so our ducklings got a bath. They were supervised by our alpha cat, Ump. She used to be small, so we called her Imp; but she gained weight, so now we call her Ump. After a few minutes we moved the ducklings back under a heat lamp in the clean brooder. Everyone was happy after bath time.

My adult ducks have discovered the heated water bowls. Why go to the cold pond when there is a hot tub in the poultry yard? So I have to chase them out of the bowls now. We now have 20 adult ducks and four baby ducks.

Monday, December 24, 2012

White Christmas Wishes

May everyone have a wonderful Christmas. And may everyone share in the joy of the season.
Poppy wished for snow and is sharing it with us.