Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Ducklings

I did not have hope for a broody duck in winter to have a viable hatch. Well, she did and we got 5 ducklings freezing on the coop floor. I put then inside my brooder box and 4 survived. I needed to clean the brooder box so our ducklings got a bath. They were supervised by our alpha cat, Ump. She used to be small, so we called her Imp; but she gained weight, so now we call her Ump. After a few minutes we moved the ducklings back under a heat lamp in the clean brooder. Everyone was happy after bath time.

My adult ducks have discovered the heated water bowls. Why go to the cold pond when there is a hot tub in the poultry yard? So I have to chase them out of the bowls now. We now have 20 adult ducks and four baby ducks.

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