Thursday, February 5, 2015

Moving Big Blue Iron

This is what my husband and I bought in Nixa, a new pellet stove. It weighs over 500 lbs. We left it on the back of our farm truck until we made time to move it into our house on the second floor.

Waiting for the tractor.

We wrapped the stove in 3 moving blankets and stretch wrap.

Using strapping as chain will ding and harm the stove.

We were able to get it safely to the base of the stairs.

Now the fun begins using a pulley and our arm strength.

reducing friction

First pull, great success, but tipping over of the stove is a concern.

I suggest using the tractor. Hoping the nylon rope holds.

It does and things move quickly.

Almost there. Lots of friction and high danger to me if rope snaps. I am behind the stove.

The stove has landed on deck.

You can see how far the tractor had to go.

On deck!

After using furniture gliders we got big blue into the house.

Now it waits to be installed.