Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Koi Corners

Our dining room has the big tank with our koi and loaches. We have always had fish in our home. It is very relaxing to watch them. If we are watching a movie they also watch with us.
Our koi are growing very large in our tank.

This orange goldfish has changed colors several times.

Silver and gold scales

One of the loaches

Curly, Larry and Moe

 Our car broke down in Willow Springs yesterday and my husband and I had time to talk about rabbits. We were down to a single indoor bunny. And we knew our friends had a litter. The pros, bunnies make great poop for the plants. The cons, three bunnies get big and are more clean up inside the house. The biggest part of our choice was that sibling bunnies get along. These are a month old and are a bit wild. But the larger white one is outgoing. The other two are a brown curly and a grey blue. We are not sure of the sex, yet. So for now they are Curly, Larry and Moe. Moe is the white one and Curly is the brown curly and Larry is the grey.

Larry and Curly

Moe and her 2 litter makes. Moe looks just like her mother.

Here is the father rabbit of the litter.