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Houston Fireman Need Our Help

This is a Donations Request that I am sharing with all my friends for our friends in Houston, TX. Patrick Orlaska is a Houston Firefighter. I have shared his flooding photos and post throughout this Harvey Hurricane event. Well, he and his wife need our help and have set up a GoFund me page. Read their story and ask questions. This will go directly to Patrick and his wife. They are our friends and they never ask for help. Please share with anyone who would like to help.

His Go Fund me page:

His Facebook page:

Busy September

The foster kitten we named "Nutsack" so we do not fall in love with him. He is now 5 weeks old,litter trained and always eating. He eats more than previous litters of 6! He has been wormed and is growing well. He did the stairs today all the way down to the litter box area but got stuck going up and meowed for help.
Pumpkins, squash, tomatillo, tomato and more.
All kinds of tomatillo. Next year, I will plant the larger kind. These are small and take more to make something with. Lots of peeling for small amount.
Prometheus moth abound at night in the Ozarks. Note: not my photo but better)
Staghorn Sumac makes the bees happy.
I have been canning all spring and summer long. Since it is only 2 of us I find the half pints the best size for us. Quart jars for soups and storing but the pints or half pints for meals. I have been given jars and picked up some at auctions. I did not realize I had so many in our garage. I find the older jars heavier and less prone to breaking. I am ro…