Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Handmade and Happy

Here is an end table we saw at our local Amish wood shop. I was there picking up my roosters after they had processed them for me. I was given a tour of their wood shop and saw this piece. He had made a few others but this one stood out. It is black walnut and quite heavy.

We asked if he could add a second shelf in the middle. We picked it up a week later and brought it home.

We are going to replace the hardware with more modern handles. But we are happy with the unique colors of the wood. It fits in with our homey farm. We appreciate that the wood was grown here and the furniture was made here. We like buying local.

All Tied Up

We need to have some leveling of the land around my greenhouse. So we needed to buy some rail road ties. We got a bundle and drove them home. They are used ones and will fit in with our rustic farm.

We will have to wait until the ground thaws in the spring to set them in.

Bunny Freedom

I have decided to let our indoor bunnies have half my herb garden this year. They will be fenced off from the main garden on their own piece garden. They can run and play and be free all day long. But at night they will be brought inside. I will have to add stronger t-post and extra hen fencing to prevent escapes. Larry did that once already. They will need some shade and cover from rain and overhead protection from hawks. But they are having a blast running, hopping and being free rabbits. They even get along with our older bunny, Rose. Everyone gets to run around and be happy rabbits in the straw and sunshine.

Here is Mo hopping around my winter garden.

Larry and Curly eating some mint.

Larry under the dried asparagus.

Larry and Rose have a meet and greet.

Sofa Me, Sofa You

Here is the hard working part of our farm, the cats. On a cold day you can see they were sleeping hard. Coco on top, Pepper on the left, Daisy in the center and Snots on the far end. They do not usually get along well enough to share the sofa. But it was cold in the house and they made do.

Tank Me

This past winter our propane tank leaked and we lost all our gas. So we called the company and they came out and removed their tank. We visited a local gas company and they had the same sized tank for sale. We buy a tank and own it out right. We drove out to see the tank. It had been filled and maintained by this company. It was solid and in good working order.

After the weather cooperated they delivered the tank. It may not look pretty but it does the job. 
They seated it and leveled it. I just want one of these hoisting devices. 
So neat to pick up heavy things off the back of a truck.

I will get to paint it any light color I want. But for now it is 5 shades of silver, moss and red. It may not look pretty but it does not leak and we own it.