Thursday, October 12, 2017

Here be Frosty

We have had no takers for my foster kitten. Yesterday at the vet's office needed his rabies shot and a name. The vet tech asked"how about Frost?" So I am calling him Frosty since he is a silver tabby. He has a spotted silver belly as well. His spots look like the cat paws on our then frozen pond. So for now he will be called Frosty.  On a side note last night got down to 50 degrees here in the Ozarks. Open windows and cold, just perfect for us.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

My Cooking Class

I have been trying to find good veggie recipe that do not fry everything. We have a lot of veggies this year. Especially for egg plant. I am happy to find a series of cookbooks with steps and most important, PHOTOS! I am a visual person and photos help a ton. The series My Cooking Class has step by step real photos (not 80's sketches) on how to go about cooking Indian foods, sauces, cakes etc. And they are great! If you are a beginner or advanced this will help round out your eating options. Here is a book review of the series:

Better Than Store Bought Cookbook

One great cookbook I like to use is called Better than Store Bought by Helen Witty. It is from the 80's but is quite good at filling in the holes of cooking from scratch 3 meals a day. You can make your own sauces, condiments, sides all popular in restaurants today from scratch. Not many photos but still a good go to book. Witty also wrote the Good Stuff Cookbook which also is in the same category of 1980's type recipe cookbook, more prose than photos.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Pioneer Days

Every October the nearby town has Pioneer Day. People can bring their crafts, art and goodies to town and show off. People dress in the pioneer garb of the time. Horses and carts along with music and dance.

We helped a friend with her booth of handmade quilts, dolls and rugs this year.

Here she is showing the bank people how to make rope the pioneer way.

Our last guest of the day asked for crochet lessons. Our friend had nothing to eat all day and was eating and teaching at the same time. She just likes to help people no matter what.

No Name

Here is our foster kitten now 10 weeks of age. He is a male silver tabby and is ready to get a new home. We have adult cats and try not to keep foster kittens. I am usually able to get them re-homed in short order. That is until this guy. Seems this fall in the Ozarks means a lot of kittens needing homes.

He is adapting well and growing into a great cat. We give our foster kittens horrible names so we do not come attached to them. I called him dirty nutsack as he never cleaned himself. But now he is older and cleaner and worth naming. I am still hoping someone wants him but so far no nibbles.

Here he is fighting/playing with Cotton. We have not a single idea what to call him.

His favorite green piece of fluff.

Looking outside.

More playing

If no one wants him he will be added to our herd after neutering. We really like cats and they are great. But we prefer to raise them and send them on their way. After he is fixed we will have invested more money and time and will keep him.