Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Church Christmas Decorating

After mass last Sunday we stayed behind to help decorate our church for Christmas. I made 68 fabric adoorables to hang on the ends as pew markers. One of our church members is a retired florist and she stuffed all the hangers with holiday picks. We then set up the trees with white lights and gold tulle under the bases. The nativity is on the other side of the altar. The effect was simple and elegant. It went up fast with all the extra helpers. All the decorations were made by/from donations made by our parishioners.

Neat Holiday Tree

Here is a wall hanging donated to our local Senior Center. A local resident made this fabric art piece to hang in the main dining hall. It is very colorful and full of sparkly embellishments. A nice feast for the eyes.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Luna Go Round

Here is my husband trying to feed our two mares Luna and Dolly. Luna likes to walk around you in circles until you reach her bucket. Even though she is the last fed she makes the biggest production about it.

Ice Fog and our Car

When you have fog and very cold temperature drops, you get ice fog. It coats everything in moisture then freezes. Roads, sidewalks, plants, cars everything fog gets into or on gets coated in ice that stays if the temps don't rise. Makes the mornings tough when you have to use the car. We got this ice off with a scraper.