Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Bunny Freedoms

Here is Moe and Curly playing in their outdoor yard.

Gray Larry, Brown Curly and Moe in front all taking in the warm breezes outside. They all have Revolution flea and tick on them to keep them safe. Revolution is safe for rabbits where other flea treatments can kill your rabbit.

Spring Rocks

My pear trees are blooming

Every spring I flip the garden rocks over and dig out the encroaching grass.
This year I added chicken wire to keep the poultry out of my garden. Digging birds, cats and dogs unearth all my seedlings and bulbs.

Now they can't mess with the seedlings. I will remove this once the seedlings are big enough to hold their own. The bamboo stakes show me where the bulbs are planted.

Pink Redbud in bloom.

My Melon

Pulling The Purple Plum

Last weekend was the perfect time to pull up the diseased  ornamental purple plum tree. It was a lovely tree that began to die last summer. I think some beetles got to it.

My husband chains up the tree.

Up and out the hole.

Going to the dead pile.
In the plums hole a Japanese Persimmon has been planted. I hope it takes hold and grows well. 

My Chicken Gang

Here is a group shot of my girls crossing the creek.

Dark Cornish taking a dip.

My alpha rooster Leghorn/Game, Junior, watching over the next generation.

Very sweet and watchful rooster to have. We eat the bad roosters. I started out with 19 roosters this fall and 5 made the cut to live on the farm. The rest have been sold or in my freezer.

Junior and his best hen. Junior is going on 4 years now and holding his own.

Foxy Spring

As the sun was setting I was waiting for friends to arrive. I heard nothing but saw a flash of orange.

This fox passed 25 ft away from me pass me and up the pond to drink. 

I made some sounds before it finally looked up at me.

The fox was more interested in something in the woods than me. Eventually I called my dog to go after it and the chase began. The fox is the master of the chase and it escaped to taunt another day.