Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Britishes

Finally, someone else gets it about modern technology and rudeness. This is one of my biggest pet peeves is that people are addicted to mobile devices. They can't carry on a normal conversation eye to eye contact because their attention is on a device . They could also be driving, walking even in the bathroom and this applies as well. I have to say College Humor hits the nail on the head.My husband found this one You Tube for me. Yup, this is how I feel about mobile devices. And I have one, but it is off most of the time. I prefer to talk to people in my presence and not a piece of plastic. 
Enjoy The Britishes: Stop Looking at your Phones:

Friday, November 7, 2014

Last Saturday

                  Last Saturday we went to a large organic farm in Norwood, Missouri. We got a tour of the farm and got to see most of their animals. We were escorted by these guard geese.

Got to see a neat looking cow and her herd.

The neatest thing was a place to eat on the way home. There is an Amish restaurant that is solar powered. If they generate their own power they can use electricity. This was a wonderful place to eat and we got a tour of their solar set up.

Good  Norwood, MO Amish eats on Thur, Fri and Sat only.

We got home by sunset.