Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Pet Pop-Up Tent

These cool things are pet pop up tents. I bought one two years ago to house my foster kittens away from my cats. These things are great! They fold up for storage, are easy to hose out and wash fabric, lots of colors to choose from, roomy for the animals and they can't get out. My cats could not hurt the kittens while in this. Kittens like to climb the net top, but they are still contained. The tops and bottoms unzip for easy access. They come in all shapes and sizes. I had food, water and litter pan along with room for the kittens to rest. After they outgrew it, I could clean and fold it up. Great idea for travel with pets.

The Nugget Growith

After a minor setback the wild baby bunny is steady on. He hops in a blink of the eye and blends in with everything.

He is not free to roam about my house, he has a special cage. These photos were after putting up our cats and after his morning feeding. Little Nugget had the run of the place, supervised. 

He is 20 days old and is a mini wild rabbit. He has a full set of teeth and tiny paws to run with. He is just about ready to be set free out in the wild he longs for. He is a night animal and loves to run amok in his cage at night.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Top O' the Poppy

This is the kind of wild flower that grow around us. You just have to stop and take a photo of this fist sized beauty.

Lawn Nugget Setback

Our tiny baby bunny slipped behind his box and was trapped on his back for hours last night. When I got up to check up on him he was lethargic, trapped and in shock. After fast triage, he was given heat, sugar KMR and cuddled. He recovered, his cage was adjusted so this will not happen again. These tiny babies can jump and climb fearlessly.

We had weaned him off the formula. Wild babies can lose a lot of calories when stressed. Keeping is gut bacteria in line is crucial.

Great Wide Open

Warning Graphic Photos:

Last Wednesday was a decent day to work on electric fencing. Out it in our woods putting in electric arms set out from the barbwire to keep the horses off the wire. We were almost done when my husband tripped and fell into the rusty barbwire fence slicing open his arm. We hurried back home on foot to access his damage and flush it out. Stitches were going to be needed. Deep cuts, skin loose and muscle seen, blood trail to our house. I cleaned his wound out and wrapped it well then drove him to the ER 40 minutes away and got seen quickly. The ER doctor flushed the wounds and stapled the skin back in place.I got to watch and ask questions.
 The other punctures did not need stitches. We came home by nightfall. So grateful it was not worse. And we got to keep the stapler. So grateful a friend came to put up our animals for us.