Monday, May 2, 2016

Great Wide Open

Warning Graphic Photos:

Last Wednesday was a decent day to work on electric fencing. Out it in our woods putting in electric arms set out from the barbwire to keep the horses off the wire. We were almost done when my husband tripped and fell into the rusty barbwire fence slicing open his arm. We hurried back home on foot to access his damage and flush it out. Stitches were going to be needed. Deep cuts, skin loose and muscle seen, blood trail to our house. I cleaned his wound out and wrapped it well then drove him to the ER 40 minutes away and got seen quickly. The ER doctor flushed the wounds and stapled the skin back in place.I got to watch and ask questions.
 The other punctures did not need stitches. We came home by nightfall. So grateful it was not worse. And we got to keep the stapler. So grateful a friend came to put up our animals for us.

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