Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Colors of my Ozarks World

These photos were taken by the photographer Oscar Robertson. You can find him on Facebook here:

He captures the wonderful color of the sunsets here in Missouri.

Discern Lucerne

A mystery town painting. This is a painting a friend of mine was given. The town was somewhere in Europe painted around the 1960's? It has some unique crudely painted landmarks. I am trying to figure out what town he painted. Any ideas?

I found this one of Lucerne, Switzerland.

St. Peters church steeple and the clock tower seem to be in the painting but not in the right locations. Any thoughts?

Mad Moon

This is the foster kitten after a blowout. Given a warm bath and dried off.

He is not too pleased with me.

My husband drove a friend over to see the eclipse in East Missouri, I stayed home to watch the animals. Pretty quiet on the farm.

Green Sauce

I finally harvested enough tomatillo to make Salsa Verde.

It was great and fast once I had all the stuff set up. Hot water bath for the half pints.

It came out hot and sweet from the tomatillo and onions used, no sugar added. The garlic and hot peppers were grown at a neighbors garden. The rest of the stuff was from my farm. Thanks to tilling and the bees this year has been a great harvest of veggies.

Foster Kitten Progress Late August.

Among my daily farm chores of horses, dogs, rabbits and veggie gardening I have the foster kitten, week three. No more late night feedings. He is down to 4 times a day with solid food provided.

He is growing well and uses the litter pan. He uses any litter pan even the ones that are for my cats. My herd is not too happy about this but it works.

He is eating solid food when he feels like it. Still prefers the bottle but teeth are present. The watermelon was a gift from a neighbor.

He is playing around my early harvested pumpkins.

He is still bow legged but is very active. He will get wormed this week.