Friday, November 4, 2016

Auctions and Flowers

This is a wicker pig planter and a Chinese Sheng or flute. I got the pig for a dollar and the flute for $30.00. The flute is ebony wood with ivory tips. It was one of the items I had to have after spending all day at an auction for antique furniture.

Cotton resting as normal.

Dahlia, zinnia and mums all in bloom on our farm.

Fall Production

These were a friends surprise pumpkins. They did not have high hopes until near Halloween and they had a bounty of squash.

I have been baking and making seeds and pie filling for days. My horses and poultry have lots to snack on.

The extra room in my garden gave me late bell peppers. I dehydrated them for winter use.

Oh so many tomatoes. The days hot and the nights cool and still I have more to pick. Been canning the juice and the paste.

My first tomatoe paste from an old recipe I found.

Let there be Light

I bought this lamp at an auction a year ago.

It has an amber glass shade and clear crystals dangling from the brass ring. Only about 4 were left. It looked like an unfinished project.

So for a year I tried to track down 137 crystals for under the amber shade. Wow they are hard to find and are expensive even used like on-line auctions. After a year I stumbled upon beaded fringes being sold off the lamps. They still make these fringes or you can make your own.

After a lot of sewing I got the fringe sewing unto the ring.

I also rewired the lamp with new electrics and Edison bulb.

Finished lamp as good as I could get it. It is not to everyone's taste, but I like it. The amber shade is very inviting and the beads look neat. I think this lamp was a marriage from its original parts. But that is fine. It goes with my studio.