Friday, November 4, 2016

Let there be Light

I bought this lamp at an auction a year ago.

It has an amber glass shade and clear crystals dangling from the brass ring. Only about 4 were left. It looked like an unfinished project.

So for a year I tried to track down 137 crystals for under the amber shade. Wow they are hard to find and are expensive even used like on-line auctions. After a year I stumbled upon beaded fringes being sold off the lamps. They still make these fringes or you can make your own.

After a lot of sewing I got the fringe sewing unto the ring.

I also rewired the lamp with new electrics and Edison bulb.

Finished lamp as good as I could get it. It is not to everyone's taste, but I like it. The amber shade is very inviting and the beads look neat. I think this lamp was a marriage from its original parts. But that is fine. It goes with my studio.

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