Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Melon- out.

Melon and Poppy- out.

Yep, Poppy is still out.

Daisy, out.

No, wait she is awake. But soon drifts off to out again.

To Snow you say

The deck is full.

My truck is full.

Free snow delivery, yeah that is full too.

He has the right idea, hibernation.

Keeping my eyes safe in the blinding white

Ducks and wild birds at breakfast

The view from the back 40.

Snowy February

Osa comes along for chores

Some white stairs.

Zilla wants to play in the snow.

My ducks having a duck-scussion about all this white stuff.

Nope, too cold to be a chicken.

My herd covered in ice and snow.

Checking on the hay for the horses.

Double jacket and double hood kinds of day on the farm.

Here there be Snow

It has been super cold and it has snowed, a lot. It is almost a foot deep and I have 3 foot drifts around the farm. I am staying home and off the roads. Inside I have to wood stove going and pets dozing in the warmth. Coco cooling off on my piano.

Coco claims the highest saddle in the saddle tree hers alone.

Oza and Melon have a discussions about who gets what blanket in the house. Osa is getting older and likes to come in and enjoy the heat. Zilla prefers to cold and outside. Melons prefers all dogs stay outside.

This is just one day of snow in the Ozarks.