Thursday, June 16, 2016

Foster Kittens for June 2016

All nine of these kittens are from the same litter. Their mama cat was run over in Winona, MO and I was contacted to foster them for our local no-kill animal shelter. They will be ready for new homes in 2 more weeks. You can contact me if you are interested in a kitten. They are litter box trained, wormed, eating dry kitten chow and will have their first set of shots shortly.

What you don't see in these photos are the 3 litter pans, the kitten misses, the food and water messes. Fostering kittens is a lot of clean up and observation of what goes in and what comes out of the kittens. Then you have to worm and get them vetted. Sometimes they die with the best care. But these are doing very well. 

You never know the true story behind what happened to them before they came into your care. Some stories are just made up by people wanting to unload unwanted kittens. It does not matter as they become my wards until they are adopted.

This one is a chocolate long hair with green eyes. I call him the biting cupcake and he likes to chew. He looks like an ewok. He will be gorgeous when he grows up.

If you want to donate to our local No-Kill shelter you can go here to find out how to help them. TASTC Located in Houston, Missouri: 
or find them on Facebook:  TASTC Shelter