Friday, December 20, 2013

My Ducks

I get asked what kind of duck do I raise. I raise meat and egg layers. Mostly Cayugas, Swedes, and two Khaki Campbell.  The Cayuga are solid black with green when the sun hits them. The Swedes are black with white chest and very large. They have been crossed with the very broody Khaki Campbell giving me the cross you see in the photo. 

These are large happy ducks that lay big eggs. The egg shell is black when they first begin to lay. As they get older the shells become white. They are great parents and always have healthy ducklings. I get about 4-5 clutches that hatch each year. I just put the last hatch outside, six very large black ducklings. They are doing very well with the adults and the chickens.

Christmas Piano Playing

Here is a 108 year old upright all dolled up for Christmas. She sounds so nice and rich. 
I do not have a piano bench so I use a tuffet I made years ago. 

LED lights and garland to make my spirits bright as I play holiday tunes.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Merry Making

I finally got my decorations up. After surgery last year I was in no condition to decorate. This year I decided to keep is simple and put up things we both enjoy. Snowy village, palm penguin, cabin and the tree.

A real Missouri grown tree from the tree farm on O hwy. 

For our new donkey, Shelby a vintage glowing donkey ornament. While it is all pretty and nice, the most important reason for the season is Jesus born to us. By keeping things simple we can keep our souls open for Him all year long. I count my many blessings and try to 
share my gifts as God intended.
Merry Christmas!

The Missing Earring

I got a box in the mail last week from New York and waited a while to open it. I finally had time and opened the box from the bottom and heard a clicking sound on my floor. I found this single earring on my floor. The earring was impaled under the bottom of the box unharmed. So I contacted the person the box came from, not theirs. Then I contacted my post office, again no one is missing any. So I called the main post office and again no one is missing an earring. I contacted several women I know whom it might belong to and again no luck. So I am posting this single earring in the hopes someone I know might recognize it and it can rejoin is twin again.

Monday, December 16, 2013

December Sunrise

The sun was all kinds of reds and oranges this morning. I got out my camera and wanted to share the beauty.

Horse Paths

My husband noticed the horse tracks in the snow and followed to see where the horses go.

Turns out there is a creek back there for thirsty horses. I like this photo with my husband 
and the setting sun behind the woods.

Muddy Ice Days

The snow and ice is melting around us. But even in the mud, livestock needs to be fed. 
The round bale fell off the bale spike so my husband is up-righting it and then stake it again.

Moving on down to the lower pasture.

Zilla keeping up with the tractor.