Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Just Normal Ffolks

As we heat with firewood, it is nice to take a break and enjoy the heat.
Wood warms you twice once when you chop and split it and once when you burn it.
Cotton's favorite spot in the house. Where her foster litter  mates all were raised last May.

Melon on the wicker lounger.
Our house is full of books and cats. It reminds me of a favorite movie of mine Ffolks staring Sean Connery. We have many outside adventures, libraries, needlepoint and cats in and around our farm. You can't do anything around here without a few cats accompanying you.

Poppy showing off his pajamas. Code for it is cold and let me in.

Just a day of snow.

Coop is all warm and dry.

Our wet and icy horses.

Big Gray Day

Cotton learning to be an outside cat. She is sizing up the ducks.

Melon watching the driveway.

Resting is Melon belly.

He smells bread for the ducks.

Enjoying the sun break in the cold clouds.