Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Sock it to me

When you foster kittens they sometimes have health problems. This silver tabby female was having lack of bowel control. Leaving her in a cage saved my clean up time but was stunting her mental health. So I googled a solution another kitten foster parent tried, the sock diaper.

Using an old sock with a feminine pad in the back and holes cut for the legs and tail. I used large safety pins at the neck.

After a few sizing issues and falling over on her side she got the hang of it. She took off right away, up the stairs to join her litter mates.

She is waiting for the String-a-ma-fling to move.

All that fun she joined Melon for a nap like a normal kitten.

She no longer wears the sock as I changed to dry food only. She still has gas issues but she can control her eliminations. 

Away from Me

These are 2 of 9 foster kittens I have. These two got new homes this week.

This blue eyed beauty is smart and loves attention. We are on the fence about keeping her as she has attached herself to my husband. She is a very dominant kitten and we already have an alpha female cat in the house.

Melon then silver tabby then the Siamese are all piled together on my sofa. The silver tabby has had a leaky bottom so she was wearing a sock. I changed their food to dry and things cleared up.

From My Garden to my Table

This spring I planned to have a lot of flowers. I bought bulbs every time I went to the store. After my husband dumped several loads of compost into my flower beds I got to work. In the rains of early spring I worked in the mud then put up chicken wire all around my beds. This was to keep my poultry, dogs and cats from digging up my bulbs. This summer it is all blooming.

Next were all the seedlings I had in my greenhouse. Tomatoes and cucumbers all started then moved to various parts of my farm. Now I have them all producing happily in this heat.

This is a pumpkin pancake made from pumpkin pulp I saved from last year. Very tasty and reminds me of fall.

Along with coffee steeping, I have my sweet potato starts rooting in my kitchen.

My husband seasoned this old cast iron pan and it is perfect for pancake making. No teflon, no aluminum - just good quality cast iron.