Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Sock it to me

When you foster kittens they sometimes have health problems. This silver tabby female was having lack of bowel control. Leaving her in a cage saved my clean up time but was stunting her mental health. So I googled a solution another kitten foster parent tried, the sock diaper.

Using an old sock with a feminine pad in the back and holes cut for the legs and tail. I used large safety pins at the neck.

After a few sizing issues and falling over on her side she got the hang of it. She took off right away, up the stairs to join her litter mates.

She is waiting for the String-a-ma-fling to move.

All that fun she joined Melon for a nap like a normal kitten.

She no longer wears the sock as I changed to dry food only. She still has gas issues but she can control her eliminations. 

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