Sunday, July 24, 2016

Tea for Two

Adolf the female

Bloody Butt, also a female

After a crazy Saturday I finally got homes for all but 2 of the 9 kittens we fostered. I got 2 calls to see my kittens at the same place and time. I forgot 1 of the kittens and had to go back home and fetch her for her new owners. The no -kill shelter who asked for our help has been riddled with cat diseases this summer. An deathly upper respiratory and now ringworm have plagued the shelter. I think they have poor cleaning issues and lack of isolation for incoming felines. So this meant that the herd I was fostering stayed much longer than I planned. Isn't that the way of things? So to keep from falling in love with these kittens my husband and I come of with awful names for them. Adolf has an historic evil mustache and Bloody Butt, had some issues in the #2 department. Both females are sweet and super soft.  All their other litter mates were requested and picked up. Which was hard since I really liked the black short haired. I had never had a black cat before and now I understand the popularity. She was called Black Mamba. But she and 2 others were picked up and taken to Redfern. These 2 silvers however, are still at our home until the shelter has an opening. I have less food now and a ton less litter changes and clean ups.
One of the bad parts of fostering is unknown diseases brought into your home cat herd. After a month all seemed well so we let them run about. But this week three of my adult cats had ulcerated red eyes. Like a house of pirate cats. It was not feline herpes but feline chlamydia or the clap, that is now in my household. These kittens mom cat had this or they picked it up from their home. I have worked with many cats and this is a first for me. So in goes the cortisone free eye goop 2-3 times a day for 3 cats. It is working. Fostering mean a lot of clean up, medical care, vet visits and then you give them away. But I get to see them get healthy, become good cats and have a great beginning to their cat life. I am happy with that. Besides, a bunch of kittens is fun to play with.

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