Sunday, July 24, 2016

Bird Heaven

I few years ago we went to a pet store in West Plains and they talked about an aviary they maintain in a local nursing home nearby. They told us to go and see their work, but we never did. Until a friend had to stay there and we visited. And we saw this amazing aviary for finches and canary.

It has two doors, glass and screening with oak frame and gravel floor.

Sticks for perches, lights for heat above on top of grid plastic ceiling.

Excelsior nesting wall, nest boxes and fish bone.

Happy nesting birds

My husbands favorite.

When I was young my grandmother had budgie, canary and a myna bird in her home. The birds were kept spic and span and their cages were cleaned daily. They sang and flew around the house while the we cleaned their cages. But this was so much better than those steel wire cages. These bird fly around and are happy. They get switched out and brought to the pet store. But mostly they live in this clean large aviary. Colorful finches and singing canary what a wonderful happy bunch of birds. And this enclosure makes the residents happy as well.

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