Friday, January 10, 2014

Snow and Ice and Rain

Today is really rain then ice, but last week was about snow and ice. Lots of snow and snow drifts in the roads here in the Ozarks. Trips had to be planned ahead of time and sometimes no one left the house for days. Ice on country roads means some cars can't go there for miles unless they have 4 wheel drive. 

Only went out for farm animal feed runs. Cold cows.

Snow on top and ice underneath and very cold. Are we there yet?

Big drifts like sand dunes thanks to a lot of wind.

My truck hood and my road, they match!


The good news is that it will be warming up during the coming days and all this will melt.
Then we will have flooding and high water on the country roads. So glad I have a truck with 4 wheel drive.

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