Saturday, December 23, 2017


It has been a big struggle this year. A company my husband works for decided not to pay him for his work in the last 3 months. And no money for work he did even in December thanks to a Grinch. We pulled in everything to keep cost down. I had a great harvest so no food worries. But things are tight. No Christmas spending, no frills, no gift giving, nothing extra. Then my husbands mother died, right after my birthday. He had to leave the farm to go to her funeral and be with his family. Meanwhile we had a drought, no money and worry. 
But life is a test and somethings are good and others things bad. We are still struggling but have a plan. We hope in 2018 things will get better. We have fed farm animal for winter and a roof over
 our heads and a mission to get things going our way. We have hope.
This Advent bulletin board I made from scraps of paper and left over paint. I made for our church for the season.

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