Saturday, February 15, 2014

Coming Undone

I took my new blouse out of the dryer to find this. All nine of the buttons were shattered and cracked.

Look closely and you can see there is nothing holding the plastic button to the metal ferrules. These are the cheapest buttons I have seen on a shirt to date. The metal ferrules makes it easier for the machines to sew on the button but there is no longevity in their design.

I will never buy another shirt with this type of button design. This is a shame in every way and wasteful manufacturing. At least I have the skill to sew on new buttons. Many younger people never learned this skill thanks to no longer having Home Ed. in schools or at home. And most craft hobby stores no longer carry useful buttons. I have saved many from various projects and vintage store shopping. I learned to save buttons and fabric from my Depression Era grandparents.

I removed every button and sewed on nice natural looking vintage buttons I'd saved from a vintage shirt. If the buttons are any indicator of the quality of this garment, it does not bode well. But for now this shirt was saved and is wearable once more.

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