Saturday, February 15, 2014

Winter Doggies

I like dogs but not in my house. They bring in things with them that never seem to leave with them, like that dog smell. Especially my girls, they eat a lot of dead things. But when the temps drop to 0 degrees, it is time to bring them inside. I do not have a heated barn for them, so they stay in the basement at night. Osa hides under our saddle rack. She has issues from her past that make her a bit neurotic. Zilla just wants lap time.
My husband petting Zilla. She loves to be scratched.

Waiting for more attention. Both dogs get tied to the hose reel so they do not wander around the house. The hose reel is inside for the same reason they are. Sometimes, if I sleep in the dogs move the hose reel around a bit.

Zilla and Alan

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