Friday, January 17, 2014

Septic Story

This cold week we needed septic service. After 14 years of never having it 
pumped out the system needed it. Our 1,000 gallon cement tank needed to be located 
and unearthed. B&B was able to locate and uncover it fast.

The wax seal held fast and had to be worked open.

We will need to install a riser so the tank will not have to be dug up again. But time and weather was a factor and will have to wait until the springtime.

Pumping underway.

The truck was moved to get better feed. 
We were on the north side of the house and it was bitterly cold.

When finished these guys smoothed out the dirt and filled in the ruts in the yard. 
They were very skilled on the tractor.

Smoothing out the ruts in the driveway. 
They were fast, hardworking and friendly even in the bitter cold outside. 

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