Monday, June 28, 2010

Dark Cloud for the Future of the Gulf

I grew up in New Orleans. I know the gifts of food, jobs, nature and family the Gulf of Mexico has provided her people. And now our nation, its people and our government just ignore the unfixable destruction laid upon a unique part of America. My heirs will never know about gulf shrimp, oysters, white alligators, blue fin tuna, sea turtles and crawfish. They will never see a flock of white pelicans landing on the lake at sunset. They will never see the shrimp boats coming into port after a long night of trawling, heavy with a good haul. I am disheartened and sad that my culture and heritage are dying with each passing day. The Gulf is being killed by greed, sloth and fear. She is being killed by the United States and nobody seems to give a damn.

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