Thursday, March 31, 2011


I watched the documentary GASLAND, about the frac drilling for natural gas in the United States. This type of natural gas drilling uses over 500 cancer causing chemicals. And those chemicals are unregulated and seep into our water, land and air. When you allow drilling on your land you get all these chemicals too. And if your neighbors allow drilling, you get the chemicals too. And the gas companies do nothing after they have put in the drilling station. Don't believe me? Just listen to the people in this film. Talk to your relatives who live around these shale red zones. Got cancer? Might be from that little gas well in the front yard.
Why do I care? I have parents living in PA who live near these red zones and don't know it. I have relatives in LA who live in the red zone. I have friends in TX who have breast cancer, kidney cancer and brain cancer. And who is going to protect you from big natural gas companies, no one. Not the president, not the gas companies, not the EPA (in the pocket of big business) and certainly not your health insurance company(they don't like to pay for your cancer treatment).
And if you do a search for GASLAND you will see a gas company(ANGA) that has a paid slot to discount this documentary. I wonder why?
This is just the sad fact that our country, America, is about big business and not about her people. Our politicians only want money no matter what. People are for taxes and votes.
If you watch this movie, let your loved ones know and keep knowledge going. Let's protect ourselves, our future, our health and our lands.

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