Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gelding Birthday

Our colt had become" stallion-y" and we needed him gelded ASAP to prevent any unwanted babies in our herd. Even as young as 8 months he can cover a mare and get her pregnant. The only day open for our vet was today, my husbands 37th birthday. This time of the year vets are on call for calving season and it is hard to get an appointment. So this afternoon we got to watch our vet geld our colt in the field. The colt had 2 shots and he went down gently in the grass. Our vet covered our colts eyes to prevent them from drying out during the procedure. Our colts leg was tied to expose his testes. Our vet was quick and both testes were fully removed. No more stallion in our new gelding Mr. Bean. The wound was left open to heal on its own. Bean woke up after about 30 minutes as if nothing happened. He rejoined our herd to munch on some hay happy as can be.

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