Saturday, April 16, 2011

Why I care?

Everyone has heard about the protestors in PA fighting against natural gas drilling or fracking. If you watch the documentary GASLAND, you will know why they are upset. Everyone in America should care about their water no matter where you live. You can't wash out 500 cancer chemical out of your water, ever. And it is all legal for these gas companies to do whatever they want thanks to OUR GOVERNMENT. Watch the dvd GASLAND, get educated and get public. Lets stop the gas companies from keeping us all quiet. Silence is death to you, your kids and your future.
Maybe the cure for cancer is to stop fracking and poisoning our water.

So why do I care? I have friends right in the zone of water poisoning. And they think they are safe and the trust our government would never hurt them.
I can only educate and pass the along the truth until it is too late.

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