Monday, May 23, 2011

Jar Journeys

We decided to replace all our plastic food storage containers with glass jars. This way we know nothing is leaking into our food we don't want. We eat a lot of grains, seeds and legumes and store them in the kitchen. We also drink a lot of tea and it is just better in glass.
I need several 1 gallon jars for this and they are hard to find; everything is made of plastic. Also, the shipping for new jars is more than the purchase price of the jars. So I placed an ad in our local paper and have gotten several calls about used jars.
I have had calls from people from all walks of life. I never realized buying old jars would become a journey into so many peoples lives. Everyone has a story to tell about these old jars they have saved for so many years in sheds, closets and kitchens. People out in the Ozarks save things for years. And everyone has a story to tell. And that makes the purchase of these jars special. You would not get a story from a jar you bought at the store. But each jar I pick up locally, comes with its own unique history. And I get to sit and talk to all kinds of people and listen to their story. Some jars were minnow traps, milk jars, penny pots and saved after the depression. Some jars held coffee originally and were saved for their unique decoration. Many jars have tops that have long rusted away. But all have been carefully stored away until needed. I never thought such a simple request for a jar would open up so many lives.

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