Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Old Hen has a Chick

After three months of setting, not setting, lice and abandoning her nests, this old hen had a chick. Now she is still setting on a clutch of 10 eggs unhatched. And she has this single chick to keep her company. This hen was older when she was given to us. We were told she would make a good broody hen. I think the rain storms kept her off her eggs. Hens don't do well in thunderstorms and we have had a lot this spring. I have learned to take a broody hen and her eggs and keep them in a brooder box until the eggs hatch in 21 days. Give the hen food and water and keep her away from the other hens in peace. My other hens like to try to lay an egg right on top of a broody hen. This causes abandoned nests and cracked eggs. I am quickly learning how to be a good chicken farmer. I have made 2 additional brooder cages for broody hens to live inside our chicken coop. Now I have no broody hens and should have more egg output from the freed up flock.

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