Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Why the Glass Jars?

I have been buying 1 gallon old and used glass jars all around town. As people respond to my ad in the paper, I go and seek them out. And everyone wants to know why the glass jars? They are old, heavy, and have rusted tops. Well, plastic gives off bad stuff into our food. And if you store food like us, that is a lot of time your food gets exposed to toxins. Old glass jars do not have any of that and they can be washed and reused over and over. And the old lids can be fitted with the new canning lids. Sun brewed tea taste divine from a glass jar. Fresh whole milk from a glass jar is just the best and old timers know this. Our kids today have no idea how good food can taste when not stored in plastic. So the photo is my moving brewers yeast from plastic into a jar older than me. Out with the modern and back into the past. Somethings are just worth going back and doing over. And by limiting my exposure to foods in plastic I hope to gain years of longer good health. And I will get muscles moving these heavy glass jars around, too.

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