Saturday, August 20, 2011

Draft Dreaming

Eventually we want to have a draft horse on our farm. We have Fox Trotters and they are great. But there is nothing like riding a giant horse around. So we are looking at ads, listings, asking friends about a draft horse. We want a Percheron but a Clydesdale or any draft with feathered feet and broke to ride is what we want. There are a lot of Haflingers and draft mixes in Missouri, but they are too short around 15 hands. We want at least 17 hands and lots of fur on the feet. We saw some at auction but they were in bad shape. We would have to get them back up to weight and lots of vet work. And they were not broke to ride. So we are looking and taking our time. We have a friend who has several geldings from WI at auction and moved them here. They are such gentle giants. She rides her giants in the cooler months. One day we might get to ride our own draft in the snow, too.

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