Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hercules Fifth Labor

Hercules had the fifth labor of cleaning the Augean stables. He used a river to flush out the stables. Today we helped our neighbor clean the years of goat manure left in a barn. He bought a property where the previous owners never cleaned their goat barn. This old manure is wonderful for our gardens but a pain to move. We used both our tractors to haul out tons of at least 30+ loads of manure. And we still have about that much left to do. You can see the manure level as rust on the sheet metal. It is about 4 feet deep in spots in this barn. Our neighbor is also replacing the broken sheet metal to save this barn. It will be usable once the manure is removed and the floor leveled. This is a herculean task but the weather is helping. Dry manure is easier to move than the wet stuff. After this there is a second barn to do. And Hercules only had only one stable to clean.

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