Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tent Cities

Here is the side of our falling economy you don't hear about on the news, tent cities. People who have lost everything and have to live in tents outside/within a city. These are people of all ages and backgrounds living in 3rd world conditions here in the United States. They are not people with mental conditions either. They were normal citizens one week then tent residents the next. And rather than deal with the reality of Americans living like this, our government pushes its own bloated agenda. And our citizens continue to think life is great and full of rainbows in America. And city leaders quietly send in our military to "clear out the garbage" of these tent cities overnight. Nice to know our government is hard at work keep up appearances for city dwellers. Have I seen these tent cities? Yes, in TX they have several that crop up monthly. I will not say where they are, they don't need that. But every few months these TX tent cities get "cleaned out" with hardly any trace of families that lived there. Where did the people go? As Americans we need to open our eyes and ears and think once in a while about what our country is turning into. How many of us are one paycheck, one earthquake, one storm away from living in a tent city? This article about the USA tent cities, was written in the UK.

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