Tuesday, September 13, 2011

America Lost

I heard about the recent business flight on 9/11 where American fliers were arrested, cavity searched, stripped, the works all because of fear. Here is the truth from one of the flight victims:
Take the time to read what happened and understand this is not the America we all grew up in. This is wrong and our rights are being trampled all over. So thank you apathetic fearful Americans, thank you to our government, thank you to heartless greedy corporations, thank you to all the willing people who participate in hurting our citizens in the name of fear. You are making history repeat itself. It was called WW2, the citizens of Germany also lived in fear while in Nazi occupation.
Apathy and fear lead to the deaths of millions of good people right inside its nation.
And now we are doomed to repeat history because America lives in fear.
I wonder if the Patriot Act will make mandatory mini-x-ray machines for babies at the bus depots soon? I bet they will be so cute with balloons and rainbows painted on them. I wonder if our kids feet will get cold when they remove their shoes and get stripped searched at the airports? No matter, if they complain they will be shot behind the food court. Ah, the future of America is so bright, I have to throw up, thanks.

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