Friday, April 27, 2012

Amish Draft Mare

We visited our local Amish craftsman last week. While picking up our bookcase he invited us to look at a mare he wants to sell. We would like to have a draft horse someday. He told us she was foundered and had bad teeth. He was having a hard time keeping weight on her. At twenty plus years old she has given him several foals. Her teeth were in a bad way and the front ones broken out. Also she has a serious crack in her left front hoof. We advised him to call a vet and a farrier to fix those two problems. But that is why he is selling her, it will cost money to do these things. As she can no longer plow, breed or be useful to him, she has to go. She will probably be sold at the local auction. We felt for the mare, but we are in no position to save another mare after the recent demise of our own mare from founder and choke. At least this mare is happy on his farm for now.

1 comment:

  1. Sad, but they really use their horses and they have to pay for themselves.
    The way her teeth look, it looks like she cribs.
    Would make it really hard to keep weight on her.